Learning a new language can be challenging. As a working adult, I need a language program that is both focused and self-paced and provides immediate feedback on my progress. “Spanish So Simple” does that – each lesson is well designed using an interactive method for learning that is engaging and motivating. The flashcard format provides both visual and auditory prompts and tracks my progress on each module. I can access lessons at times that are convenient to me and “practice, practice, practice” until I master the content. My Spanish skills have improved greatly by using this program.

Gayle Dodson

I’ve been studying Spanish with Spanish So Simple for two years. The classes with Jackie are fun and interactive and the Spanish So Simple process does not only teach you the language, but it means you can get out immediately and start using it. It’s invaluable to be able to combine the classes with the online support from the website that offers numerous revision options such as flashcards etc. Jackie has mastered the art of simplifying the learning process and makes the lessons unintimidating and enjoyable. Since moving to Spain I’ve needed to speak the language on many occasions, and there have been numerous times when I’ve said to myself “¡Gracias Jackie!”.

Sara Radcliffe

Enthusiasm, humour, structure, paced to individuals and unfathomable amounts of patience makes Jackie the ideal teacher. Whatever your ambitions, she will make it happen. ¡Muchas gracias mi profesora!

Jennie Thompson

I relocated to Spain when I was 16 years old and had the massive task of needing to learn Spanish as part of my International Baccalaureate course. Having no previous knowledge of the language whatsoever, this was pretty daunting. Thanks to Jackie and her “Spanish So Simple” teaching method I was able to progress very quickly and not only pass my final exam but achieve a Grade 6 of a possible 7, which was far beyond expectation. I can highly recommend Jackie and the “Spanish So Simple” program. ¡Muchísimas gracias profesora!:)

Harry Radcliffe

A fabulous person to teach you Spanish. Informative and fun with little tricks that help make the information stick! Much chattier and friendlier than your traditional classroom teacher with an abundance of local knowledge.

Ellie Spears

The highlight of my week is going to Spanish Class. I share my lessons with three other people who have since become my closest friends. Jackie’s method of teaching is second to none and is very comprehensive. Being in a small group ensures that each one of us has individual attention as well as bringing us up to speed all at the same time.
She makes learning the language interesting and fun giving us a full understanding of the grammar and the importance of repetition, making learning…’Spanish, ….so simple’

Violet Fi Johnson

Jackie is a wonderful person and teacher. A fountain of knowledge about Spain and its special culture…. After only 9 months I can converse and be understood on most topics (even on the telephone) and I can instruct sailing in Spanish…. the study is such a peaceful and welcoming place…. Learning is a pleasure!

Andy Bones

When I first joined my Spanish class I never thought I would master the language but here I am 2 years further on and I feel I’ve learned so much and am feeling a lot more confident. I have to say that I put that down to choosing the right course for me. There are only 4 of us in the class and although we learn as a group we also have the benefit of a one to one with our tutor Jackie.

Her ability in correcting our mistakes calmly and patiently is greatly appreciated and enables us to progress without any negative thoughts of failure. The small group have become close friends so we are able to spend social time together and often practice what we have been taught, so keen are we to move forward. Jackie’s method of teaching is excellent and the classes are both fun and instructive and I’m enjoying every moment of it. So from being Spanish so difficult, in the beginning it is now, Spanish so simple!. ¡Gracias Jackie!

Pamela Martin

Learning Spanish with Jackie Curtis -Spanish So Simple, has been hugely rewarding. Her classes are always well prepared, well executed and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks to Spanish So Simple my language skills are rapidly improving.

Mike Fitzharris

We want to thank you for your 100% engagement in classes when we are working with “Spanish So Simple”. Believe us when we are say that working with your program, using flashcards in Spanish and English enables us Norwegians to reinforce our knowledge of the English language at the same time as we study Spanish. We also have to mention the funny and/or “to the point” illustrations on the flashcards. Once seen the picture of “the bad boy” for example, we remember the Spanish word “malo”, and so on….
The flashcards – together with your humorous comments – enable us to “build up” a Spanish memory to meet the daily life in Spain in a relaxed way. Furthermore, the Modules and Flashcards enable us, in an easy way, to repeat – repeat – repeat! Next time we are in Spain – as so far – be sure you will meet us again in classes, over and over again.

Jorunn and Tor Lie

Having not studied for many years, I was slightly nervous before starting Spanish classes with Jackie. I need not have worried as Spanish So Simple offers a logical and fun method of learning. After a short amount of time I was able to converse with local Spaniards. Having the online backup of the website is a great help as between lessons you can spend as much time as you like going over what you have learned that week. I can highly recommend Jackie and Spanish So Simple.

Patricia Poncia

I live part-time in Spain and part-time in the UK and since I retired early I thought it only polite to learn the language. I wanted to learn “proper” Spanish and not just conversational Spanish. By chance I saw an ad for Jackie´s class and decided to join.

I am so glad I did! Not only did I meet some lovely people, I started learning Spanish in a way in which I am very comfortable and am now able to make myself understood in most situations. Jackie is extremely patient and explains everything so clearly and in such a fun way that I really look forward to my classes with her. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone who wants to learn the language as she possesses very high teaching skills to ALL levels of student.

Moira Reddie

Spanish, so simple. The clue is definitely in the name as Jackie turns something that from the outset looked very difficult, into something very simple. During each lesson we work through a booklet, containing the learning concepts. We converse most of the time in Spanish throughout the lesson, putting things I have learnt into practice. Outside of class I practise what we are currently learning by using the Spanish So Simple Audio – Visual Flashcards which can be downloaded onto a smart phone or tablet; a great learning tool that can be used anywhere at anytime!

I have just progressed on to Stage 2 and already my understanding is very good and I am able to enter into general conversation and deal with everyday situations!

Jason Callow

In the words of Tina Turner, Jackie “Ur simply the best”. Not only has she a vast knowledge of spain, its culture and language, if you have a question on ANY topic, its amazing but she has the answer. This lady taught me to speak Spanish but also taught me much much more, Jackie is THE BEST un beso xxx

Katie Jackson

¡Mi experiencia contigo fue fantástica! You got me through GCSE with an A and D.E.L.E. Inicial with a high pass. BOOK SOME LESSONS WITH JACKIE – SHE´S THE BEST! Un beso y un abrazo muy, muy fuerte ¡Te quiero! x

Anna Nuttall

Can’t rate Jackie and her teaching methods highly enough. Andy said it all. She is patience itself, she is such fun and she gives you confidence in yourself to “give it a go”. No longer do I say “Do you speak English” but dare to try out the language, most of the time, with success!

Brenda Ogilvie

When I first came to Spain I bought all the books from which I learned a lot of words – but could not pronounce any of them!! I had a CD box to learn Spanish which was a little helpful but really needed to have interaction with a Spanish speaking person so I joined a general class at a college. We spoke very little conversational Spanish and most of the time worked through exercise books which was exactly what I was doing at home!!

I then saw advertised “ Spanish So Simple” and thought I would give it a try. Two and a half years later I am still going to classes every week. Jackie is excellent. Professional, dedicated and with a sense of humour – which she needs sometimes!! Every time I go on holiday I ask for extra work and I receive worksheets. Nothing is a problem and the best thing is that the classes are small and we actually speak Spanish during most of the class. The best move I have ever made – ¡Gracias Jackie!

Karen Fawcett

Prior to meeting Jackie my level of Spanish was ZERO. Within hours she instilled sufficient confidence in me that I was able to get out there and give it a go. Her method of teaching ensures that learning takes place very quickly. She has an abundance of patience and empathy and a wonderful sense of fun which makes learning enjoyable. I highly recommend her classes.

Kevin Singleton

I joined Jackie’s Spanish so Simple classes after struggling to learn Spanish for several years. A mixture of private classes, CDs, DVDs, teach yourself books and conversation with my Spanish friends seemed to confuse me rather than help me progress.

“Spanish so Simple” is exactly that – Jackie teaches small relaxed classes and encourages us to use simple sentences to join conversations. Each teaching point is supported by short sets of ‘Flashcards’, which you download to a tablet or smart phone so you can practice conveniently wherever you are – at home, on the bus or even on the beach.

As I spend half my time in England I also learn via Skype – hour long lessons with Jackie which have worked really well and mean I can rejoin my fellow pupils whenever I am back in Spain.

Barbara McLoughlin

Many years ago, when I first came to live in Spain, I wanted to learn the Spanish language. I feel so lucky that I found Jackie because she had the right method for me, long before she decided to call it “Spanish So Simple” and make it available online. I would like to thank you very much, ¡Muchísimas gracias! for the way you successfully taught me, which has ultimately helped me to integrate and make many Spanish friends. You have also taught many of my Norwegian friends and of course, still do. I wish you lots of good luck with the “Spanish So Simple” project, I know it will be a great success! Your Ellen. x

Ellen Forbes Rolfsen