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Speak Spanish with real Spanish people!Fun Group Activities to Help You Speak Spanish


When you have sufficient knowledge of the language and you start to speak Spanish, I love to organise a special day out for my students so you can put your new found skills into practice…exciting! Our destination? A closely guarded secret until the day, but you WILL get to experience one of the beautiful white villages of Andalucía!

On arrival, you will be given a questionnaire, and for the next hour or a little longer your job is to find the answers to the questions about the village by asking the locals!  If you feel a little shy at first, don’t worry! I will give you plenty of practice beforehand so that you know exactly how to introduce yourself like a real Spaniard. You will soon lose any initial embarrassment when suddenly you’re being understood by the villagers who in turn will help you in your quest to find the answers!

intercambios in esteponaThe morning’s activities are followed by lunch at a country restaurant where we will continue to try to talk in Spanish together as we relate our experiences and reveal the answers to the questionnaire! We usually finish the day by making a cultural visit to a museum, church or other place of interest.
A real fun day out and you will also make new friends!!!!

Intercambios in Estepona

Do you have a good level of Spanish and would like to practise it with a Spanish person who is learning English ? There are several exchange groups organised up and down the Costa del Sol, here are details of some of them.


Intercambios in EsteponaWednesday mornings,  Plaza Manilva organized by Marisa. For more information phone Marisa on 951 25 34 12 or make contact via New Longman´s Facebook Page


Friday evenings, 19.00 – 20.00 at 11 and 11 Bar in the Port of Estepona. The organiser, Caroline Sice can be contacted via the “Estepona Intercambio” Facebook Page


Spanish So Simple Facebook Page

The Posts you will find on the “Spanish So Simple” Facebook Page combine “Useful Phrases “ and information regarding local cultural events in Southern Spain…………. POR EJEMPLO:

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