The Spanish So Simple – Stage 1 – Beginners Course will soon be available online for those of you who are unable to join one of the Spanish So Simple classes in person. In the online version of the Spanish So Simple – Stage 1 – Beginners Course you will follow a logical progression of learning tasks using an extensive variety of written, audio and visual tools. You will be able to read and listen to the “learning concepts” as many times as you feel necessary and then practise and repeat the very same lesson through sets of audio- visual Flashcards. Repetition is the key to success.

Whatever your age and whatever you may be studying, it is the act of repetition that allows us to learn new concepts and ideas. In this particular case the act of listening, looking at and repeating the Flashcards will help us to achieve our objective of learning Spanish in a much more natural and simple way, making learning much more active and interactive.

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