Your step by step guide to learning Spanish

3 Stages to learning Spanish

There are 3 Stages to Learning Spanish in the Spanish So Simple Language Course designed to take a student from Complete Beginner to Intermediate B1, (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR),  equivalent to  a Higher GCSE or Junior Certificate Level.

Each stage comprises various modules  sub divided into bite sized lessons which you can practice at your own pace using Audio- Visual Flashcards. These can be accessed online or downloaded onto a mobile device so you can practice your newly learned Spanish skills anywhere, anytime at the beach, in the garden or on a bus, plane or train!

The benefit of the 3 Stage Spanish So Simple Course is that YOU decide how much of the language you want to learn. As a retiree living in Spain you might decide you just want to ‘get by’ speaking Spanish on a daily basis so Stage 1 is all you require. If you’re a student studying for exams, the option is there to complete all 3 Stages by which time you will be a more than competent Spanish speaker!

A word of warning! Language learning and Brain training can get quite addictive! So, beware!

Three Stages to Speaking Spanish

Stage 1:
You Will Learn How to…

    • Spell your name (handy for making reservations).
    • Read and pronounce Spanish correctly.
    • Begin to appreciate the connection between English and Spanish.
    • Have simple conversations giving personal details.
    • Make appointments.
    • Use useful phrases for everyday situations.
    • Recognise and understand numbers, prices and telephone numbers.
    • Build simple sentences.
    • Make exclamations about the weather!
    • Converse in Restaurants, Bars and Shops.
    • Form verbs in the Present Tense
    • Effectively use mountains of everyday vocabulary!!!!
    • Express Likes and Dislikes.
    • Name Parts of the Body.
    • Discuss ailments.
    • Express yourself in a Future and a Past Tense!!!

Stage 2:  You Will Consolidate Stage 1 and Learn How to…

    • Say what you are doing.
    • Say what you are going to do.
    • Use pronouns.
    • Use Reflexive Verbs and find out what they are!
    • Use Impersonal Verbs.
    • Practice using the Past Tense.
    • Role Play

Stage 3:   You Will Consolidate Stage 2 and Learn How to…

  • Recognise the difference between the Past Tenses.
  • Express the English ‘Will’ and ‘Would’ in the Spanish equivalent.
  • Use Verbs followed by Prepositions
  • Give commands.
  • Effectively use the conditional ‘Would’.
  • Use the Subjunctive.

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