Have you ever tried to learn Spanish or another language and thrown in the towel after a co­­uple of months because the teaching method drove you to madness and boredom set in?

Spanish So Simple ClassesOr maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish but you deem it too difficult so mañana, mañana? Whatever your reason for not taking the bull by the horns, it’s time to try again because the Spanish So Simple teaching method will keep you motivated from the first lesson!

How? Because Spanish So Simple’s teaching method simplifies the language learning process using a mix of fun Course Booklets and user friendly technology. You will also learn many short cuts from the outset to speed up the learning process, build up your confidence and have you speaking the lingo from Day 1. The Course is divided into 3 Stages from Complete Beginner to Intermediate Level Spanish. (read more)

Each stage is then sub-divided into a series of modules with specific ‘Learning Concepts’ or ‘Lessons’. Each lesson has a set of Audio Visual Flashcards to help you practise, repeat and memorise language tasks before moving on to the next lesson. The flashcards are available online and are also downloadable onto mobile devices, so you can practise anywhere and anytime you have a spare moment, making learning Spanish SO simple… and SO much fun!


    • A Spanish Course that is logical, practical and simple.
    • Audio-Visual Tools enabling you to check your own progress.
    • Your own commitment to learning.
    • 10-20 minutes Flashcard practice per day.
    • Last but no means least – continuity! If focus on learning is sporadic, the learning process takes longer as it lacks the continuity or flow required to achieve notable progress. So let’s get focused on learning Spanish!

How Long Will it Take to Speak Spanish fluently?


How long will it take you to learn Spanish and be able to speak it with a degree of fluency? Well, that really depends on YOU! Whether you opt to join a Spanish So Simple Class currently in Elviria or Estepona, study in a Private Group or have One-to-one Tuition face to face or via Skype, the vital ingredient in your recipe for success is ultimately your commitment to learning.

The 3 Stages of the Spanish So Simple Course have been deliberately structured to make it easy for students to gauge their own progress. It allows you to practise and repeat lessons until you are word perfect…or almost word perfect, so it’s up to you to decide if you need to spend more time on a particular learning task or whether you’re ready to move on to the next stage. It’s that simple!

Would you like to learn more about the 3 Stages of Learning?