To someone who has never studied a foreign language before, learning Spanish can prove to be more difficult than perhaps is initially anticipated. When the difficulties appear insurmountable, learning becomes a chore and boredom sets in. Two months of classes later and you are beginning to wonder whether you have bitten off more than you can chew, you become despondent, subsequently you lose interest and throw in the towel, convinced that it just wasn´t something for you. …… Sound familiar? This story repeats itself, time and time again because perhaps too many assumptions are made from the outset.

This is where “Spanish So Simple” comes in, absolutely NO assumptions are made. Most people know very little about grammar, for example. Why? Simple! They have never had the reason to even think about it before. “Spanish So Simple” simplifies the language learning process to the maximum, making learning much more possible and consequently actually enjoyable!!

“Spanish So Simple” also takes as many short-cuts as possible, simplifying what you need to learn so as to ensure that you start using the language from Day 1. The Course is divided into 7 Stages and then sub-divided into a series of Modules which include the “Learning Concepts” or lessons. Each lesson has a set of Flashcards available to students online, helping you to practise, repeat and memorise language tasks before moving on to the next learning concept. The Flashcards are also downloadable onto mobile devices, making learning accessible anywhere and at any time and naturally, more fun!.

The “Spanish So Simple” Courses are enhanced by using new technology; converting the passive learning of old, into the active learning of the 21st Century. It is very exciting to realise that thanks to these new technologies a prospective student of Spanish will gain the necessary confidence and knowledge at a much quicker rate and be able to begin to communicate verbally much earlier on in the language learning process.



Stage 1 of the Spanish So Simple Course comprises 5 Modules. Each Module can have between 5 and sometimes up to 10 different Lessons or Concepts, all backed up by Audio- Visual Learning Aids. The Aids can be accessed via Internet, on a computer or alternatively downloaded onto a mobile device. Once downloaded you will no longer need to be connected to Internet to be able to use these learning tools, you can use them just anywhere, at the beach, on a bus, on a plane, in the garden, anywhere!!! You can learn on-the-go!


  • To spell your name (handy for making reservations)
  • To read and pronounce Spanish correctly.
  • To begin to appreciate the connection between English and Spanish
  • Simple conversations; Giving personal details
  • To make appointments
  • Useful Phrases used in everyday situations
  • To recognise and understand numbers, prices and telephone numbers
  • To build simple sentences
  • To make exclamations about the weather.
  • Useful phrases pertinent to Restaurants, Bars and Shops
  • How to form verbs in the Present Tense
  • Tons of useful, everyday vocabulary!!!!

How long could this take, I hear you ask. That is a difficult one to answer because it will really depend on you and your commitment to learning Spanish. Whether you elect to take “Spanish So Simple” Classes in person; in a group or individually, or whether you opt for taking the Online Course the most important ingredient leading to your success will be your commitment to learning.

The way in which the “Spanish So Simple” Course is put together makes it extremely easy for students to immediately gauge their own progress. Students know whether they need to spend more time on a particular learning task or whether they are ready to move on and shift up a gear.

Learning a new language is both exciting and challenging. The “Spanish So Simple” Course offers you a very logical and practical journey. It allows you to practise and repeat lessons until they are word perfect ……….. or almost word perfect.


  1. Explanation of Learning Concept.
  2. Comprehension of Learning Concept.
  3. Practice of Learning Concept via Audio- Visual Flashcards. (10 – 20 minutes per day).
  4. Repetition of same Audio- Visual Flashcards for a few days.
  5. Learning Concept / Vocabulary memorised or nearly memorised.
  6. Ready to move on to the next Learning Concept.


  • A Spanish Course that is logical, practical and simple.
  • Audio- Visual Tools enabling you to check your own progress
  • Your own commitment
  • 10 – 20 minutes Flashcard practice per day
  • Last but no means least “Continuity”. If focus on learning is sporadic, naturally the learning process will take longer as it lacks the continuity or flow that is ideal in order to achieve notable progress.

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